How much are garage door prices?

How much are garage door prices?

How much are garage door prices?

$300 – $700single garage door price
$600 – $1,200double garage doors price
+ $150 – $700labor cost to install

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$300 – $700 single garage door price

$600 – $1,200 double garage doors price

+ $150 – $700 labor cost to install

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Garage door prices

Garage door prices are $300 to $1,200 on average. A single 9' x 7' overhead garage door costs $300 to $700. A double 16' x 8' garage door costs $600 to $1,200. A 10' x 10' roll-up garage door costs $450 to $2,100. Installation adds $150 to $700.

Basic overhead garage doors cost $250 to $800 for sectional aluminum or steel. Insulated, roll-up, and made-to-measure garage doors cost $800 to $4,000 in wood, glass, fiberglass, or steel.

Garage door prices - chart
Garage door prices - chart
Garage Door Prices
Type Average Cost* Description
Basic $250 – $800
  • Premade designs and sizes, no windows
  • Uninsulated steel or aluminum
Mid-range $800 – $2,500
  • Includes insulation
  • More design styles and elements
  • Hurricane-proof or impact-resistant
  • Made with wood, glass, fiberglass, or steel
High-end $2,500 – $10,000
  • Custom designs, colors, and finishes
  • Made-to-measure sizes
  • Optional windows and exterior lighting
  • Made with solid or faux wood, or glass
  • Up to 5 layers of insulation

*Material prices only. Prices depend on the size, type, material, durability, and level of customization.

Contractors must measure the door in person before giving the final estimate and ordering the door. Contact a garage door installer near you to help select the right material, style, and customizations for your budget.

Average price of a garage door

Average garage door prices - chart
Average garage door prices - chart
Average Price of Garage Door
National Average Cost $700
Minimum Cost $250
Maximum Cost $10,000
Average Range $400 to $1,200

*Based on 382 project costs reported by HomeGuide members.

  • Manual-opening, non-insulated, single-layer steel doors are the cheapest.

  • More expensive doors last longer, come with insulation, and increases curb appeal.

  • Hurricane zones require impact-resistant doors to meet building codes.

Overhead garage door prices

Overhead garage door prices are $400 to $1,200 on average, depending on the type, quality, and size.

  • Manual tilt-up garage doors cost $250 to $900.

  • High-end customized doors cost $800 to $10,000. 

  • Electric garage doors are $525 to $1,650, which includes a new garage door opener.

Overhead door prices chart
Overhead door prices chart
Overhead Garage Door Prices
Type Average Cost*
Manual $250 – $900
Electric (Including Opener) $500 – $1,700
Custom / Made To Measure $800 – $10,000
Commercial $300 – $10,000+

*Not including installation

Overhead door installation cost

Garage door installation costs $550 to $1,800 for materials and labor. The labor cost to install an overhead door is $150 to $700, regardless of the door size and type.

Overhead Door Installation Cost
Factor Average Cost*
Door, Tracks, & Hardware $400 – $1,100
Installation Labor $150 – $700
Old Door Removal (often included) $50 – $250
New Opener (optional) $250 – $600
Resizing the Opening (optional) $200 – $1,000+
Average Total Cost $550 – $1,800

*Additional costs may apply for removing the door, resizing the opening, and installing a new opener.

Compare quotes for a new garage door and installation.

Garage door sizes and prices

Most residential garage doors cost $300 to $1,200 for 1 or 2-car garages, depending on the size and material. Extra-wide 20-foot garage doors cost $1,000 to $3,000.

Garage Door Sizes and Prices
Width In Feet 7 Feet Tall* 8 Feet Tall*
8 $250 – $2,200 $375 – $2,400
9 $300 – $2,400 $400 – $2,800
10 $350 – $2,700 $450 – $3,000
12 $450 – $3,100 $550 – $3,250
14 $550 – $3,400 $600 – $3,500
16 $600 – $3,800 $700 – $4,000
18 $700 – $4,500 $800 – $5,000
20 $1,000 – $5,500 $1,200 – $6,000

*Material prices only for aluminum and steel models.

Manual vs. electric garage door prices

A manual roller garage door costs $250 to $900 for a single-car. An electric garage door costs $500 to $1,700, including an automatic opener. Garage door opener installation costs $250 to $600.

Electric garage roller doors are safer and more convenient but cost more to install and maintain. 

Custom / made-to-measure garage door prices

Custom or made-to-measure garage doors cost $800 to $10,000, depending on the customization level and size. Companies can modify garage doors to match the home’s look, add additional features, or fit non-standard garage door sizes.

Custom options include:

  • Adding windows, a walk-through door, or exterior lighting

  • Custom finishes, colors, or panel designs

  • New hardware, decorative trim, or handles

Garage door prices by material

Steel garage doors cost $250 to $4,000 and are the most popular type. Aluminum garage doors are the cheapest type, costing $250 to $2,000. Wood and glass garage doors cost $700 to $8,000 and are the most expensive.

Garage Door Prices By Material
Material Single Door* Double Doors*
Aluminum $250 – $1,400 $300 – $2,000
Wood $1,000 – $4,000 $1,200 – $8,000
Faux Wood / Composite $300 – $4,000 $500 – $5,000
Vinyl $300 – $2,500 $400 – $4,000
Steel $250 – $2,500 $500 – $4,000
Fiberglass $350 – $3,500 $600 – $5,000+
Glass $700 – $5,000 $2,000 – $8,000
Insulated $600 – $1,400+ $1,200 – $3,000+
Screen Door $375 – $1,300 $500 – $2,500

*Material prices only.

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Aluminum garage doors prices

Aluminum garage doors cost $250 to $2,000. Aluminum is low-maintenance and rust-resistant, even in humid climates. However, it dents easily and insulates poorly. Since aluminum is lighter than steel, it puts less strain on the door springs, making the springs last longer.

Basic off white aluminum garage door
Basic off white aluminum garage door

Pros & cons

  • Customizable with special paint or embossed-design choices

  • Works well for wider garage doors

  • Not a good wind-resistant option for hurricane-prone areas

Wooden garage door prices

Wooden garage doors prices are $1,000 to $3,000 for pre-made doors and $2,000 to $8,000 for custom mahogany, redwood, or cedar wood units. Wood doors are durable, dent-proof, and long-lasting when properly maintained but require ongoing staining or painting.

Wood garage door prices - chart
Wood garage door prices - chart
Wood Garage Door Cost
Wood Type Average Cost Features
Premade $900 – $3,000 Prebuilt and predesigned from various wood species, with optional insulation and windows. Available in classic, modern, or carriage house styles
Custom $2,000 – $8,000 Solid wood frame-and-panel designs using mahogany, cedar, redwood, hemlock, or other wood types
Composite $450 – $5,000 Lightweight wooden exterior and foam insulation over a frame of steel, wood, or aluminum

Pros & cons

  • Expands and contracts with extreme temperature changes

  • Warps and rots in wet climates without tight water seals

  • Requires expensive, heavy-duty openers and tracks

  • Easiest to stain or paint

Solid mahogany wood garage door with custom panel designs
Solid mahogany wood garage door with custom panel designs

Faux wood garage door prices

Composite or faux wood garage doors cost $300 to $5,000. These wood-look doors have metal frames clad with wood composite. Composite garage doors are cheaper than solid wood and have steel’s strength. Faux wood doors have the curb appeal of wood and withstand warping, cracking, and moisture damage.

Pros & cons

  • Long-lasting, low-maintenance, and suitable for all climates

  • Easy to paint or stain

  • Lighter than wood

  • Made from recycled wood fibers and weatherproof resins

  • Less durable than metal doors

Vinyl garage doors prices

Vinyl garage doors cost $300 to $2,000 on average, with high-end customized doors costing up to $4,000. Vinyl, also known as PVC or plastic, is dent-proof and more durable than steel. Vinyl garage doors are lightweight, low-maintenance, won’t warp or rot, and resists scratches and rust.

Grey vinyl garage door in carriage house style with windows
Grey vinyl garage door in carriage house style with windows

Pros & cons

  • Lightweight design suits basic garage-door-opening systems

  • Cracks on impact only in extremely cold weather

  • No insulation in cheaper models

  • Difficult to paint, and warranties don’t cover painted vinyl

  • Limited style and color options; prone to fading unless UV-coated

Steel garage door prices

Steel garage doors cost $250 to $2,000 on average, with high-end customized doors costing up to $4,000. Steel is the most common and least expensive garage door choise. Single-layer steel is the cheapest option but insulates poorly and dents easily.

Steel garage doors have the largest variety of colors, sizes, styles, window options, and finishes.

Steel garage door prices - chart
Steel garage door prices - chart
Steel Garage Door Prices
Steel Type Average Cost Features
Single Layer $250 – $1,400
  • Lightweight, non-insulated, and easy to open manually
  • Lacks high-wind rating and dent-prone
  • Not ideal for wide openings
Double Layer $400 – $2,000
  • Single steel layer backed with thermal insulation
  • Stronger and less prone to bending and cracking
Triple Layer $500 – $4,000
  • Thermal insulation covered by steel on both sides
  • Highest level of insulation
  • Strongest type of steel door
  • Greatly reduces street noise
Steel Carriage Doors $500 – $2,500
  • A classic and traditional look
  • Double doors that open outward from the middle

Pros & cons

  • Low-maintenance steel suits all climates and extreme temperatures.

  • Galvanized or coated steel doors resist corrosion, warping, and cracking.

  • Foam-insulated steel doors increase strength and energy efficiency, depending on the steel type and thickness.

  • Non-galvanized steel doors can corrode over time.

Steel white garage door with small windows
Steel white garage door with small windows

Fiberglass garage door prices

Fiberglass garage doors cost $350 to $5,000 and have highly customizable designs, colors, and textures. This insulated steel-frame door has a fiberglass coating that simulates wood. Fiberglass doors are popular for resisting warping, insect and termite infestations, rot, and rust.

Pros & cons

  • Low maintenance and more dent-resistant than steel

  • Extra-lightweight material reduces the weight load on the opener and tracks, prolonging their lifespan.

  • Can crack on impact in extreme-cold temperatures

  • Can fade in direct sunlight unless installers apply a protective clear coating

Glass garage door prices

Glass garage doors cost $700 to $4,500, depending on the glass type and door size. Glass doors have either a steel or aluminum frame with laminated, insulated, or tempered glass inserts.

Frosted glass garage doors with steel framing
Frosted glass garage doors with steel framing

Pros & cons

  • Increases natural light

  • Increases curb appeal by adding a modern and contemporary look

  • More fragile with a high potential to crack

  • Costs more to repair

  • Insulates poorly compared to traditional doors

  • Requires stronger openers and springs for heavy glass

Insulated garage door cost

Insulated garage doors cost $600 to $3,000+, depending on the size, material, insulation type (foam or panels), number of layers, and performance. Insulation effectiveness (R-value) ranges from 5 to 20. A higher R-value costs more but has better performance.

  • Foam-injected polyurethane is the most energy-efficient insulation sandwiched between two metal layers.

  • Polystyrene panels are less-efficient and attach behind single-layer doors. Polystyrene insulation kits cost $40 to $200 for existing doors.

Are insulated garage doors worth it?

Insulated garage doors are only worth it if the garage walls, ceilings, and windows all have proper insulation with weather stripping around the door. An insulated garage door resists dents, opens and closes more quietly, and increases the energy efficiency of homes in extreme climates.

Garage screen door prices

Garage door screens cost $375 to $2,500, depending on the size and type (retractable, motorized, or sliding). Walk-through screens cost $30 to $200 with easy DIY installation. Garage screens are best for keeping out pests while allowing in airflow and light.

Garage Screen Door Prices
Type Average Cost* Features
Walk-Through Screens $30 – $200
  • Closes with zippers, magnets, snaps, or roll-ups
  • Easy to install but may not create a tight seal
Retractable Screens $375 – $1,600
  • Manual operation
  • Opening options: spring-loaded, chain-assisted, overhead pull-down, or roll straight up
  • Optional passage door
  • Seals perfectly
Motorized Screens $1,100 – $2,500
  • Easy automatic operation
  • Retractable power screens
  • Requires an electrician and professional installation
Sliding Screens $300 – $1,400
  • Slides to the sides for quick entry and exit
  • Child-friendly
  • Often installed as a 4-panel system
Replacement Screen Panels $150 – $500
  • Single panels for replacing part of the screen.

*Material prices only.

Garage door types and prices

Garage doors cost $250 to $4,500, depending on the type and opening style.

  • Basic sectional garage doors cost $250 to $1,400.

  • Glass, French, or carriage house garage doors cost $500 to $4,000+ and have more customization options.

  • Roll-up, sliding, and tilt-up doors are best suited for low-ceiling garages.

Garage Door Prices By Type
Style Average Cost* Description
Standard Sectional / Panel $250 – $1,400
  • Most popular style in steel, aluminum, or wood
  • Long panels roll up on a track
  • Typically has an automatic opener
Standard Door with Windows $400 – $2,000
  • Large variety of window designs and glass types
  • More natural light, but less privacy and security
  • Windows can break
Single Tilt-up (Swing-up or Sliding) $250 – $1,000
  • Lightweight, solid piece of steel, aluminum, or wood
  • Swings or slides up, often manually
  • Less safe than sectional doors
  • Relies on extension springs
Single Roll-up $500 – $1,700
  • Rolls up into a bundle
  • Typically corrugated-panel steel
Double Roll-up $1,000 – $2,700
  • Rolls up into a bundle
  • Commercial-grade aluminum-grill roll-up doors
Glass Roll-up $700 – $4,500
  • Hinged glass panels that roll-up overhead
  • With or without insulated glass
  • Aluminum or steel frames
Walk-through $1,200 – $3,000
  • A pass-through door in the frame of the garage door
  • Also known as “wicket doors,” “pedestrian doors,” and “pilot doors”
Sliding $400 – $3,000
  • Two doors that slide to the sides
  • Wood or aluminum
  • Typically barn-door style or side sectional
  • Saves overhead space
Carriage House $500 – $4,000
  • A classic and traditional look
  • Double doors that open outward from the middle
  • Often with windows and wood-look finish
  • Steel, wood, or fiberglass
French $400 – $4,000
  • Double doors made of mostly glass panels
  • Side-hinged doors that open outward

*Material prices only.

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Walk-through garage door cost

A walk-through garage door costs $1,200 to $3,000, depending on the door design and material. Pass-through garage doors are typically 3' x 6.5'. Walk-through garage doors provide easy access and are more energy-efficient than opening the whole door.

Hurricane rated garage door cost

Hurricane-proof or impact-resistant garage doors cost $700 to $1,500, depending on the wind-load rating. Bracing kits cost $150 to $500 to reinforce existing garage doors. Building codes require different wind code storm ratings depending on the county.

Hurricane garage doors:

  • Withstand buckling and resist winds up to 188 mph

  • Lower insurance premiums

  • Provide more security against break-ins

  • Block out water and resist dents

  • Require less maintenance

Residential vs. commercial garage doors prices

Commercial overhead door prices are $300 to $10,000, depending on the size and type. A 10' x 10' commercial garage door costs $450 to $2,100 for overhead or roll-up models. Commercial garage doors are larger, heavier, more durable, and more expensive than residential garage doors.

Roll-up & commercial garage door prices
Roll-up & commercial garage door prices
Commercial garage door prices
Type Average Cost
Overhead $500 – $3,000+
Roll-up $300 – $5,000+
Glass $2,000 – $10,000+

Commercial garage door pros and cons:

  • Use higher-quality materials but have limited customization options

  • Offer increased security

  • Require more maintenance

Overhead door prices by brand

The best garage door brands cost $250 to $10,000+ from top manufacturers like Clopay, Amarr, CHI, Raynor, Wayne Dalton, Northwest Door, and The Overhead Door. These brands are widely available in many styles, provide excellent customer service to homeowners, and offer the best warranties.

Overhead Garage Door Prices By Brand
Brand Price Range*
Clopay $250 – $5,500
Amarr $350 – $6,800
Raynor $600 – $4,000
CHI $375 – $3,650
Wayne Dalton $600 – $5,000+
Midland $400 – $4,000
Martin $550 – $10,000+
Hormann $425 – $6,300
Windsor $500 – $10,000
Pella $220 – $2,750

*Material prices only.

Clopay garage door prices

Clopay garage door prices are $250 to $2,000 on average. Clopay offers 3 to 5 layers of insulation in coated steel, aluminum-framed glass, composite wood, and real-wood-overlay steel doors. Clopay is American-made, and their wood finishes include cedar, redwood, fir, meranti.

Clopay Garage Door Prices
Door Type Single Doors Double Doors
Clopay T Ga Hollow $250 – $700 $790 – $1,400
Clopay GD Ga Hollow $500 – $770 $870 – $1,500
Clopay GH Ga Hollow $1,250 – $1,450 $2,350 – $2,750
Clopay Ga 1-5/16" Insulation $570 – $900 $960 – $1,800
Clopay Ga 1-3/8" Insulated Sandwich $640 – $1,000 $1,100 – $2,000
Clopay CD Ga 1-3/8" Insulated Sandwich $1,650 – $1,900 $3,100 – $3,650
Clopay 2" Insulated Sandwich $725 – $1,130 $1,280 – $2,250
Clopay CG 2" Insulated Sandwich $1,830 – $2,200 $3,400 – $4,250
Clopay Modern Steel Doors -- $1,600 – $1,900
Clopay Carriage House Doors* -- $2,100 – $4,300

*Carriage house prices are installed. All other prices are materials only.

  • Clopay is part of the International Door Association, as well as the Door and Access Systems Manufacturer’s Association (DASMA).

  • WINDCODE® door reinforcement is available for those living in extreme-storm regions.

Amarr garage doors cost

Amarr garage doors cost $350 to $1,500 for steel, aluminum-framed glass, and wood overlay with steel frames. Amarr's SnapDry™ paint finishes come in 700 colors. Some models offer quieter door operation. Wind-load reinforcement is available on most models.

Amarr Garage Door Prices
Door Type Single Doors* Double Doors*
Amarr Stratford $370 – $750 $600 – $1,470
Amarr Lincoln $560 – $750 $1,000 – $1,500
Amarr Heritage $400 – $850 $670 – $1,650
Amarr Olympus $700 – $1,000 $1,200 – $1,850
Amarr Design Choice $730 – $1,000 $1,300 – $1,900
Amarr Classica $840 – $1,600 $1,500 – $3,200
Amarr Oak Summit $380 – $780 $620 – $1,550
Amarr Hillcrest $600 – $800 $1,050 – $1,550

*Material prices only.

  • Amarr doors have come from American manufacturers for 60+ years.

  • Amarr doors are up to 20' wide, and many doors come from recycled materials.

Raynor garage door prices

Raynor garage door prices are $600 to $4,000. Raynor garage doors come in plain, painted, or textured steel, aluminum-framed glass, and wood with steel frames. The Raynor ColorWave™ system offers 1,500+ color options. Raynor is an American-owned company with 75 years of experience.

  • Raynor Hurricane Ready™ garage doors have approval from the Florida Building Code and Texas Insurance Department.

  • Some models feature decorative wrought-iron picture windows inside the garage door.

  • Springs have a 3-year warranty, hardware has a 6-year warranty, and limited lifetime warranties apply to specialty doors.

C.H.I. garage door pricelist

CHI garage doors cost $375 to $2,000 for builder-grade steel, aluminum-framed glass, fiberglass, or wood-overlay doors with internal steel frames. CHI offers both insulated and non-insulated doors with customization options such as colors, styles, and windows.

CHI Garage Door Price List
Door Type Single Doors* Double Doors*
CHI Ga Hollow $375 – $580 $610 – $1,240
CHI Ga 1-3/8" Insulation $485 – $700 $830 – $1,400
CHI Ga Insulated Sandwich $590 – $1,180 $975 – $2,350
CHI Insulated Sandwich $590 – $1,050 $975 – $2,050
CHI Carriage House Doors -- $3,425 – $3,650

*Material prices only.

  • The CHI Windbreaker Series withstands storms best. However, CHI does not currently hold Miami-Dade-level wind-load certifications.

  • Warranties on most parts are 1 to 6 years, with 3 years on all springs.

Garage door FAQs

How long do garage doors last?

Garage doors last 15 to 30 years on average, depending on the climate, material, maintenance, and usage. Standard garage doors include a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Springs need replacing more often than the entire door. 

Garage door spring replacement costs $120 to $350. Replace the springs every 7 to 15 years.

Garage Door Lifetime By Material
Material Longevity (Years)
Aluminum 8 – 20
Solid Wood 8 – 12
Faux Vinyl Wood / Composite Wood 10 – 20
Steel 10 – 20
Fiberglass 20 – 30
Glass 8 – 10

What type of garage door is cheapest?

Single-layer steel garage doors without insulation or windows are the cheapest and most popular type. Affordable steel garage doors cost $250 to $575, are thinner and lightweight, dent and rust easily, have low-quality extension springs, and have a shorter lifespan.

What to look for when buying a garage door?

Choosing the right garage door material and style depends on the environment, climate, home aesthetic, functionality, and garage purpose.

Consider the following when buying a new garage door:

  • Warranty – Get warranties on both the door and the installation labor.

  • Material – Each material has a different lifespan, dent resistance, and rust resistance.

  • Insulation – Insulated doors are more durable and energy-efficient in extreme climates.

  • Sound – Insulated doors with nylon rollers and a belt-drive opener operate the quietest.

  • Function – Living-space garages need windows and extra insulation.

  • Maintenance – Metals need rust-proofing, wood needs routine refinishing, and some paint finishes wear off faster than others.

  • Style – Choose a design with materials that add curb appeal to the home.

  • Wind-resistance – Building codes require reinforced garage doors in hurricane-prone areas.

  • Springs – Garage door springs with 10,000 cycles often have 3-year warranties. Only 50,000 cycle springs last more than 15 years.

Where to buy garage doors?

Home Depot, Costco, Menards, and Lowe's are common places to buy garage doors with various materials, types, and sizes. Other garage door suppliers include local resellers and brand manufacturers with dealers nationwide.

Places To Buy Garage Doors
Store Price Range*
Home Depot $380 – $4,000
Lowe's* $2,100 – $6,300
Costco $800 – $1,700
Menards $220 – $7,000

*Prices sourced from website that may not have all available models.

Hiring A garage door installer

Most retailers connect buyers with qualified garage door installers who understand local building codes and select the proper door type. Keep these tips in mind when buying a garage door:

  • Installers must size the door in person before ordering a new one.

  • Top companies offer online design tools that provide estimates based on style and customizations.

  • Ask for photos of garage doors they’ve sold and installed before.

  • Compare at least three in-person estimates.

  • Browse their reviews on HomeGuide and Google.

  • Choose licensed and insured companies that have been in business for at least five years.

  • Always get a written copy of the installation contract and garage door warranties.

  • Ask for an estimate with the costs and materials listed by line item.

  • Arrange a payment schedule. Do not pay in full until the installation is complete.

Questions to ask

Ask garage door installers if the new garage door:

  • Comes with a warranty

  • Has torsion springs that last up to 10 years, or up to 20,000 cycles

  • Needs reinforcements to satisfy building codes for storm protection

  • Has options for nylon rollers that make door operation quieter

  • Comes with other finish options that will last longer in the local climate

  • Requires a new garage door opener system

  • Has additional insulation options if the local climate has extreme temperature

  • Comes with vinyl seals around the door perimeter

  • Needs a new permit before installation

  • Requires any modifications to the existing garage opening to fit properly