Fisker Opens Reservations for Its Affordable PEAR

The five-passenger EV is slated to be produced in a partnership with Foxconn.

2024 fisker pear
  • EV start-up Fisker opens reservations for its second battery-electric model, dubbed PEAR, intended to be an urban EV with room for five passengers.
  • Slated to arrive in 2024, the EV will be produced in a partnership with Foxconn, which recently entered into an operating agreement with Lordstown Motors to run the former GM plant in Ohio.
  • The Fisker Ocean SUV is expected to enter production later this fall, and is scheduled to be produced by Austrian supplier and automaker Magna Steyr.

    The good news about Fisker's planned affordable EV is that you can place a $250 reservation on one today, and it will start at $29,900 prior to any state or federal incentives and taxes. The bad news is, it will take some time to get here, slated to arrive in 2024.

    Fisker's PEAR project will be its second new EV after the Ocean and is intended to be a compact, five-passenger urban EV.

    The company plans to produce the vehicle with Foxconn in an agreement we first heard about last summer, when Foxconn signed an operating agreement with Lordstown Motors to run its Ohio plant, which is a former GM factory. Foxconn has been seeking an entry into the battery-electric industry, eager to expand its electronics empire.

    Fisker shared a teaser image showing the planned vehicle only from the top, suggesting a compact crossover with a long roof and short overhangs. The PEAR acronym stands for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution.

    Just how much of a revolution the PEAR will incite remains to be seen—the automaker is not sharing any technical targets at this time.

    It's worth noting the PEAR could certainly be among the more affordable EVs when it arrives, with most of the more affordable electric crossovers at the moment being a few thousand dollars north of the PEAR's planned starting price, prior to incentives. But by 2024 this price category could certainly see a handful of competitors stateside.

    "Our customer wants to take a step into the future with us," CEO Henrik Fisker said. “We are opening up reservations for PEAR following continued demand.”

    Just days ago rival Tesla announced it has shelved plans for a $25,000 car, amid a focus on humanoid robots, among other things. The Austin-based automaker first revealed plans for the vehicle, which was expected to be produced in China, in the summer of 2020. Skeptics at the time pointed to a vast field of competitors in China that could undercut it in price, as well as profitability.

    "PEAR will feature the very latest technology in a beautifully designed, affordable urban mobility device," Fisker added. "It’s an exciting vehicle and an exciting time for the company as we expand our lineup."

    Meanwhile, Fisker has been trying to launch production of the Ocean SUV for the past couple of years, having reached a deal with Magna Steyr to build the model in Europe. The midsize SUV, offering single- and dual-motor layouts, is expected to offer a top range of 350 miles and will start at $37,499.

    Slated to arrive in 2024, Fisker's compact PEAR will be its second new EV, but the automaker first needs to launch the Ocean, a larger SUV. Which one are you interested in? Please comment below.

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