James Bond Car Chase Mashup!

In younger days, your author worked as a production artist at a daily newspaper. One of the department's running gags was to intone "Quark Xpress" in our best Sean Connery accents. You know, one of those dumb little office jokes that helps a crew get through a mind-numbing day.

You might be surfing Autoweek.com for the same reason. Or you may just be sick of all the hoopla surrounding the iPhone 5 launch. Regardless, here's a bit of brain candy put together courtesy of the Britcake geniuses over at Sky to mark the launch of their all-007-all-the-time channel. The clip features almost every Bond (save for David Niven) in a car chase. Yes, Lazenby too. You wouldn't want to leave Lazenby out, would you?

If you're still bored, try the whole Connery/Quark Xpress thing. Seriously. It's fun. See?

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