Electric Lotus Eletre R Promises 905 HP

The British sports car maker's latest model trades lightness for horsepower, interior space.

  • Lotus reveals its 2024 Eletre trims, with base, S, and R models set to kick off the automaker's SUV era.
  • Eletre R will offer 905 hp and 726 lb-ft of torque and 2.95-second launches from 0 to 62 mph, with all model versions using a 112-kWh battery.
  • The Eletre is due to arrive stateside in 2024, with US pricing due to be released closer to the model's commercial launch.

    Simplify, then add lightness. That familiar Lotus motto could be due for an update as the automaker rolls out its most powerful (but possibly heaviest) vehicle to date, brandishing the horsepower numbers of a half-dozen classic Lotus models taken together.

    "The launch of the Eletre is the natural next step for Lotus," said Matt Windle, group vice-president and managing director of Lotus Cars. "Two-seater sports cars are not for everyone, and we want to offer a Lotus for every stage of your life. The Eletre is the start of that."

    We caught our first glimpse of the Eletre back in the spring when Lotus revealed its exterior design. And now it's time for a closer look at the numbers.

    And they're all quite dramatic numbers, starting with 905 hp in the Eletre R, which enables a sprint from 0 to 62 mph in 2.95 seconds. The 112-kWh battery will make those sprints possible—easily among the largest offered so far by EV makers—with this battery slated to be offered in all three flavors of the Eletre. And yes, a 112-kWh battery will be very heavy.

    The standard dual-motor Eletre and the Eletre S—two of the three trims on the menu—will both serve up 603 hp and 523 lb-ft of torque while paired with a single-speed reduction gear, giving them a range of 373 miles on a full charge.

    But the dual-motor Eletre R will offer nothing short of 905 hp and 726 lb-ft of torque, featuring a two-speed transmission. This version will have a range of 304 miles, paying a slight penalty for all that power.

    2023 lotus eletre
    The Eletre will be offered in a choice of three trims.

    Inside, drivers will get to use... something other than three pedals, a wheel, and a stick shift. Rather, it will be an operating system. Dubbed Lotus Hyper OS, this technology will run the digital cockpit utilizing gaming technology including real-time 3D content, courtesy of two Qualcomm 8155 System-On-Chips. A one-billion-color floating 15.1-inch OLED touchscreen will dominate the center stack, bowing to industry trends while promising "a more futuristic visual effect" in addition to over-the-air updates.

    Indeed, on paper it sounds like Lotus just traveled several decades into the future with this one vehicle.

    But it's time for some more big numbers: €95,990 (or $96,800) will be the base price in Europe. As standard items in the base model, Eletre buyers will get matrix LED headlights, torque vectoring, an active air suspension, 22-inch 10-spoke forged wheels, an active front grille, and even a LiDAR sensor pod expected to offer Level 3 driver-assist capability when activated. A 1380-watt, 15-speaker KEF Premium Audio system will be on board featuring the Dolby Atmos immersive audio experience.

    2023 lotus eletre
    The interior will feature a 15.1-inch OLED touchscreen for infotainment, powered by Lotus Hyper OS.

    The Eletre S is more expensive, priced at €120,990 (or $122,050) in Europe.

    "The enhanced specification includes numerous additional features such as privacy glass, active rear spoiler, configurable ambient lighting, illuminated side sills, soft door close, auto-dimming side mirrors, and an air quality system," Lotus notes. "It also includes a 2160-watt, 23-speaker KEF Reference Audio."

    The 905-hp Eletre R will command €150,990 (or $152,300) in Europe, serving up carbon-fiber elements in addition to the Lotus Dynamic Handling Pack and high-performance tires, among other items.

    US pricing for the Eletre isn't available yet, but for those in the market the European pricing of the three trim levels should give ample clues. The Eletre won't get to North America until 2024, so there is still some time to save the necessary funds.

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