Red Bull Racing Has a Place for Sebastian Vettel in F1

Sebastian Vettel has already said he wants to take time off, but after that his future is open.

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  • Sebastian Vettel won 4 -titles with Red Bull from 2009 to 2014.
  • In his 15-year F1 career he scored 35 wins, and 122 podiums.
  • The German announced his retirement in July and finished 10thin his final race in Abu Dhabi.

    Red Bull's door is "open" to welcoming Sebastian Vettel in the event the 4-time world champion wants to re-enter Formula 1. But not in a driving role.

    The team just signed its out-of-work former grand prix winner Daniel Ricciardo for a test and marketing role in 2023, and while its other former driver 35-year-old Vettel, may not be interested in racing again, there could be a role in F1 team management.

    "We have two teams, so we are open to that," said Dr Helmut Marko when told that German Vettel, who won all four of his titles at Red Bull, may come back in a non-racing role.

    "His life will definitely be different from the one had had as a driver. He'd come to work earlier, leave later and receive only a small part of a pilot's salary," he added smiling.

    For the immediate future Vettel says he will at least initially take a break from the hectic schedule of a F1 driver next year. Beyond that, however, he is open to a team management role.

    "It's ok, I'm used to getting up early with the kids," Vettel said with a smile. "And when I was in Formula 3, a certain Helmut Marko woke me up at seven in the morning.”

    f1 grand prix of abu dhabi
    Vettel raced with Red Bull from 2009 to 2014.
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    He is also very aware that the life of a manager is far different than that behind the wheel.

    "But yes, I know very well that the drivers need to consciously allocate time for rest, while the leaders of the teams are constantly dealing with things," he said.

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