Here’s What the Lucid Gravity EV SUV Promises

The EV startup’s next model is just around the corner, and it wants to set records again.

2024 lucid gravity
  • Lucid revealed a first glimpse of 2024 Gravity electric SUV, promising more range than any other EV on the market, with the exception of the company's 520-mile Air sedan.
  • The SUV is expected to be offered in two- and three-row forms, along with a glass roof option.
  • The SUV will arrive in 2024, with pricing and ordering set to be open in 2023.

    Lucid kicked off its lineup with the Air sedan, seeking to secure a record 520-mile range as it took Tesla head on (after a few production delays). But the EV maker isn't planning to have a one-model lineup for long, as it preps its next electric model.

    We've known for some time that it would be called Gravity, and that it would be a spacious SUV. It wasn't until this week, however, that we got our first glimpse of the luxury EV as Lucid readies its next model, which will arrive in 2024.

    What can we glean from these first images?

    For starters, it's clear that the SUV will not adopt a coupe-like profile, unlike the vast majority of large electric SUVs, instead seeking to maximize interior space. This is evident in the overhead view of the model, with a generous D-pillar supporting a long roof ending with a spoiler that will sit directly above the rear bumper. The Gravity will also offer a Glass Canopy roof, as in the Air sedan, giving the front and rear seat passengers plenty of light overhead.

    2024 lucid gravity
    The SUV will certainly have a long wheelbase and a long roof, maximizing interior space instead of minimizing it with an excessively rakish roof, as is the trend today.

    "Gravity builds upon everything we have achieved thus far, driving further advancements of our in-house technology to create a luxury performance SUV like none other," said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Group. "Just as Lucid Air redefined the sedan category, so too will Gravity impact the world of luxury SUVs, setting new benchmarks across the board."

    The long wheelbase of the Gravity means that it will offer three rows of seats, but a two-row option is also expected to let the rear-seat passengers stretch out, while leaving plenty of room for cargo.

    When it comes to the powertrain, Lucid promises more "range than any other EV on the market," with the exception of the 520-mile Lucid Air. Being taller and heavier, the Gravity will certainly have to contend with... gravity, so we wouldn't expect it to come close to the 500-mile mark. But we can certainly expect to see the larger 112-kWh battery pack underneath, perhaps along with a tri-motor option in addition to a standard dual-motor layout.

    2024 lucid gravity
    Lucid is expected to offer two- and three-row variants of the Gravity.

    It remains to be seen whether Lucid will want to give the 1200-plus-hp tri-motor setup from the Air Sapphire sedan to the SUV, but as we're in something of an EV horsepower war at the moment, we wouldn't rule it out. But even the dual-motor version should be very capable with nearly 1000 hp on tap, no doubt aiming to put a few other EV models their place.

    "It is both a supercar in disguise and an SUV with flexible passenger and cargo space that seems impossibly big relative to the exterior size of the vehicle," said Derek Jenkins, senior vice president at the automaker's design division.

    At the moment, Lucid plans to open up orders in early 2023 when the Gravity lineup will be fully detailed, with the first vehicles slated to arrive in 2024. So there's still some time to decide just how much horsepower you'll really need for running errands around town.

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