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Highly Rated OBD-II Scanners to Give Your Car a Checkup

It's time to diagnose that annoying check engine light.

best obdii scanners

Uh-oh. That dreaded check engine light just popped on. You can feel your wallet shedding weight, right? Maybe not. With a simple OBD-II scanner and some dedicated internet research, you could save some serious cash.

OBD-II scanners plug right into your vehicle's OBD port—mandated in 1996 to be equipped on all new cars—and read check engine codes; some additionally read other vehicular data. With a scanner, you can preview if a repair is doable in your garage or if you need to prepare for the cost at a shop.

We chose highly rated OBD-II scanners on Amazon for this list. You don't necessarily need to splurge on a shop-worthy scan tool—a simple code reader is enough to fire up your diagnosing skills. Get to work, doc.

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